Compress PDF

How to Compress PDF file

Click on the ‘Select File’ button and choose or drag and drop the PDF file you need.
You have the option to include additional files or rotate your existing files as required.
Choose the compression level that best suits your desired PDF file size by clicking on 'Select Compression Level'.
Three options will be presented for you to select based on your preference for file size, and then start the compression process.
Allow some time for the tool to complete its task. Once finished, you can observe how much smaller your file has become.
Select ‘Download’ to save the compressed file onto your device.

Our Features

Preserving Quality
Shrinking PDF files doesn't have to mean sacrificing quality. Our PDF compressor ensures that you can reduce file size without significant loss of quality.

Safety Guaranteed
Neither your input files nor your output files will be shared with any third parties. Our system automatically removes your files 1 hour after they are processed, so only you have access to your files.

All Devices Are Welcome
Our PDF compression tool works on all devices and platforms. You can access it from any operating system and device, such as a phone, tablet, laptop, or PC

Best PDF Compressor
Why wait or learn? Simply drag and drop your file to decrease PDF size, tailor the compression, and obtain the resulting document in seconds.

3 Compression Levels
Choose between three compression levels to adjust the size of your PDF file: Extreme for the most compact size, Less for the least reduction in quality, and Recommended for a balance between size and quality.

PDF Swissknife
Allpdfconverter allows users to make additional modifications to their PDF files using a single platform that provides 26 different tools.

Different Levels of Compression

Allpdfconverter offers users 3 different PDF optimization modes aimed at finding the best balance between file size and visual document quality.

1. Recommended Compression:

This choice ensures high-quality compression, customized for optimal performance online. It effectively reduces file size without compromising format, color accuracy, or font integrity. Select this option if you're unable to decide between the other two.

2. Less Compression:

If you seek high-quality PDF optimization with minimal compression, this tool is ideal for you. It optimizes documents while preserving exceptional visual quality.

Use this tool if your PDF file size exceeds the limit slightly.

3. Extreme Compression:

At times, even after compressing your PDF, it may still not be small enough for your document needs. In such instances, consider choosing the extreme compression option; however, note that opting for this approach could further decrease the size of the PDF file potentially impacting its content quality by causing blurriness or slight alterations in color

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