Merge Pdf

How to Merge PDF Files Online For Free

Click on the 'Select File' button and carefully choose or simply drag and drop the PDF document(s) into the designated area of the tool.
Click on the 'Add File' button to access a window where you can select and add additional PDF files to the merge queue.
Arrange the pages in your desired order by simply dragging and dropping them into place.
If necessary, rotate or remove pages from the document.
Click on the 'Save and Download' button to merge your documents into a single PDF file for download.

Our Features

Fully Featured
Combine multiple PDF files online easily and quickly, with no watermarks, and free of charge. Our intuitive graphical user interface allows you to merge PDFs with images and rearrange files before joining.

Keep Your Files Safe
We have a strict policy of not retaining any documents uploaded to our PDF merger for longer than an hour. Rest assured that all your files are kept confidential and are never shared with third parties.

Use on Any OS
Our PDF merger is universally compatible, seamlessly integrating with Windows, Android, macOS, iOS, and Linux operating systems.

No Additional Software
There is no requirement to install any software for merging PDF files using our service.

Increase Productivity
Our comprehensive set of online PDF editing tools operates on the cloud, allowing for seamless and instant merging of multiple PDF files. Simply upload your files, customize settings as necessary, and witness immediate results.

Merging PDF files on our website require no technical expertise at all. Our tools are designed to be incredibly intuitive and user-friendly, featuring a minimalistic interface and supporting a convenient drag-and-drop mechanism for seamless usage.

Benefits of Merging PDF Files

PDF files are the go-to format for documents that need sharing. They are secure, reliable, and preserve quality. However, having multiple PDF files can be challenging to manage. This is where merging those files can be a godsend. Let’s look at just some of the benefits of merging:

  • Managing digital documents can be challenging, it's important to combine PDF files and relevant pages for better organization and to prevent file loss.
  • Files can be combined to save more space.
  • It is easier to share one file instead of multiple files.
  • Printing becomes much easier and saves pages as well.

Of course, sometimes we may need separate files instead of one big file. In that case, you can always use our ‘Remove Pages’ tool to separate your documents. We can do it all. 

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