Terms and Conditions

These terms control your usage of our website, services, and software included in the Services. This encompasses applications, User Files (as defined below), scripts, instruction sets, and any related documentation (collectively referred to as “Software”). Your use of the Services or Software indicates your agreement with these terms. If you have a separate agreement with us regarding specific Services or Software, that agreement takes precedence over these terms. You maintain all rights and ownership of the content you make accessible through the Services. Through our services, you can upload files and information ("User Files"), originally provided by you or processed using our services.

How This Agreement Works


The Privacy Policy covers all the personal information you share with us. When you use the Services or Software, you are agreeing to the terms of the Privacy Policy.

Application Usage Date

While using our website, you will provide Allpdfconverter with information about your usage of our services. This shared data is linked to your allpdfconverter account and enables us to offer a more personalized experience while also assisting in the enhancement of product quality and features.


We reserve the right to make changes, updates, or terminate the Services and Software (including any parts or features) at any time without being responsible to you or anyone else. In the event that we discontinue a Service completely, we will reimburse you for any prepaid fees for that Service that have not been used on a pro-rata basis.

Use of Service


You are allowed to access and use the Services as long as you comply with these terms and the law.

Intellectual Property

We (and our licensors) are the exclusive owners of all rights, titles, and interests in the Services and Software. We retain all rights not explicitly provided under these terms. Specifically, you may not engage in the resale of any of our products, Software, or Services.

Pre-release Version

We might designate the Software or Services, or a specific aspect of them, as an early access or beta version ("Pre-release Version"). The Pre-release Version does not represent the final product and might contain errors that could lead to system failures and data loss. We reserve the right not to commercially release the Pre-release Version. If we request it, you must stop using the Pre-release Version promptly and delete all copies of it. Any separate agreement we make with you

his free offer is exclusive to new customers and may not apply in all regions, countries or currencies for all services. We reserve the right to discontinue or revoke this complimentary offer without stipulating any cause.

Your Indemnification Obligations

You are responsible for compensating us and our affiliated companies, officers, agents, employees, partners, and licensors for any claims, demands, losses, or damages (including reasonable legal fees) that arise from your content, use of the Services or Software; or violation of these terms.

Disclaimers of Warranties

Warranties of Services and Software

The Services and Software are provided on an "AS-IS" basis. We disclaim and exclude all warranties, whether express or implied, including non-infringement, merchantability, or fitness for a specific purpose to the fullest extent permitted by law. We do not make any guarantees about the content of the Services. Additionally, we disclaim and exclude any warranty that 

(a) the Services or Software will meet your requirements or be consistently available, uninterrupted, timely secure; 

(b) the results from using the Services or Software will be effective accurate reliable; 

(c)  the quality of the Services or software will meet your expectations; 

(d). Any mistakes errors defects in services/software get corrected

Liability for Services and Software, information, and templates

We expressly deny any responsibility for any consequences of your utilization of any Services or Software. You have the freedom to use and reach the Services or Software at your own judgment, and you are entirely accountable for any harm to your computer system or loss of data that arises from using and accessing any Service or Software.

All content on the website is presented in good faith; however, we shall not be liable under any circumstances due to your use and/or reliance on the information, templates, Services, or Software.

Electronic Signature

Allpdfconverter cannot ensure that the electronic signature generated by its eSign tool is legally valid in your country or under the laws governing the relevant legal transaction. Allpdfconverter also disclaims any responsibility for contracts that are not concluded, lost, or signed late due to using the eSign tool. We likewise cannot guarantee that a copy of your contract has been saved.

Storage of Files

Our storage feature is accessible on multiple platforms. We cannot guarantee that saved files will consistently appear or be reachable by you. It's important to always keep a copy of your document stored on your own device. We are not accountable for lost documents and cannot be held responsible for any losses incurred.

Limitation of Liability

Liability of Allpdfconverter

Allpdfconverter is not responsible for any potential loss of use, data, goodwill, or profits, whether foreseeable or not. Additionally, we are not liable for any special, incidental, indirect, consequential or punitive damages whatsoever (even if the possibility of these damages has been advised), including those resulting from loss of use and profits regardless of foreseeability. This also applies to claims arising from your use of the Services or Software under breach of contract or warranty basis. Our liability remains unaffected in cases involving gross negligence, intentional misconduct by us (or our employees), and death or personal injury.

Limited Liability

Allpdfconverter’s maximum liability for any issue related to these terms is capped at CHF 100, or the total amount you paid for using the Service and Software in the three months prior to the incident that led to such liability, whichever is greater. This limit will be enforced even if we were informed of the potential for exceeding this amount and regardless of any failure of essential remedy.


The restrictions and exceptions in this Section apply as much as the law allows.


Termination By You

You can end your use of the Services whenever you wish. Closing your account does not release you from any responsibility to settle any unpaid fees. If you are unwilling to agree to new fees and prices, you have the option to end the Services/this Agreement as mentioned earlier.

Termination By Us

Allpdfconverter has the right to end the Service/this agreement at any time. If these terms are terminated for reasons other than cause, we will make a reasonable effort to inform you at least 30 days before termination via the email address you provided us, and provide instructions on retrieving your content. We may terminate your access to the Services or Software if:

(a) You violate any provision of these terms (or act in a manner indicating non-compliance);

(b) You fail to pay fees for the Software or Services in a timely manner;

(c) It is required by law (e.g., if providing Services or Software becomes unlawful);

(d) We decide to discontinue all or part of the Services due to impracticality caused by legal changes; (e.g., due changed laws making it impractical). 

(e)there is an extended period of inactivity in your free account.


Upon the conclusion or end of these terms, any perpetual licenses you have provided, your indemnification responsibilities, our warranty disclaimers or limitations of liabilities, and dispute resolution provisions mentioned in these terms will remain valid. After the Services expire or are terminated, some or all of the Software may stop functioning without prior notification.

Investigations / Disclosure

We might need to reveal information regarding you or your use of the Services under certain circumstances: (a) when legally required; (b) in response to your customer service inquiries; or (c) when we believe it is necessary to safeguard our rights, property, or the safety of ourselves, our users, or the public.

Dispute Resolution


If you have any issues or disagreements, you are required to attempt an informal resolution by getting in touch with us. If the issue remains unresolved after 30 days, either you or Allpdfconverter must address any claims about these terms, the Services, or the Software through arbitration that is final and binding.

No Class Actions

You can only address disagreements with us individually and are not allowed to file a claim as a plaintiff or join a class, consolidated, or representative action.

Injunctive Relief

In case of unauthorized access or use of the Services or content by you or others, in violation of these terms, we have the right to seek injunctive remedies (or an equivalent type of urgent legal relief) in any jurisdiction.

Compliance with Licenses

As a business, company, or organization, we reserve the right to inspect your records and facilities once every 12 months upon seven days' notice. We may appoint our personnel or an independent third-party auditor who will maintain confidentiality. You are required to provide all requested records and information within 30 days of our request. If any shortfall in licenses is discovered, you must promptly acquire the necessary licenses and cover any applicable fees for conducting the verification if underpaid fees exceed 5% of the payable license fees.


We have the ability to change these terms or any extra terms that are relevant to a Service or Software. This could include updates due to changes in the law or our Services and Software. It's important for you to regularly check these terms. Any modifications will be posted on this page, while modified additional terms will be posted within the relevant Service or Software. If you continue using or accessing the Services or Software after these revisions take effect, it means you agree to follow the updated terms.


English Version

The English iteration of these terms will be the one utilized when interpreting or construing them.

Notice to You

We might inform you via email, mail, messages in the Services, or other appropriate legal methods.

Entire Agreement

This agreement encompasses all aspects of your use of the Services and Software and replaces any previous agreements between you and us regarding the Services.


You are not allowed to transfer these terms, or your rights and responsibilities under these terms, either in whole or in part, without our written consent. Any such attempt will be invalid. We have the right to transfer our rights under these terms to a third party.


If a specific provision cannot be enforced, its unenforceability will not impact any other provisions.

No Waiver

Failure to enforce or exercise any of these terms does not constitute a waiver of that section.

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