PDF to Powerpoint

How To Convert PDF Files to Powerpoint

Simply, upload the necessary PDF file using the ‘Choose File’ button; or drag and drop the file into the browser.
Add more or delete files using the options provided at the top.
Click on the ‘Convert To Powerpoint’ once all the necessary files are uploaded.
Wait for a few seconds till your document is ready.
Press ‘Download’ to complete the process.
The option of ‘Start Over’ is also provided in case you have more files to convert.

Our Features

Structure Preserved
Only the format of the file is changed; the data is never lost or changed.

Hassle Free
You can convert files without registering an account or logging in. Open allpdfconverter in a browser and start converting.

Convert With Ease
With our website’s simple GUI, you can easily convert your files without any technical expertise.

Safety Matters
We use encryption to ensure your data does not reach any third party. The files are also deleted from our servers after one hour.

Converting PDF files has never been simpler or faster.

Preserve Quality
Converting PDF files to PowerPoint presentations will not reduce the quality of the slides and will remain the same as the PDF files.

What are PPT and PPTX Files?

PPT and PPTX files are nearly identical, with the latter being a newer version. PPTX is more versatile and compatible with a wider range of software. 

Over the past 15 years, using PPTX for creating presentation slides has become standard practice. While PDF files are also used for presentations, PPT provides greater flexibility for editing and adjusting slides on-the-go. 

With PowerPoint, users can easily add or rearrange slides as needed - an advantage not available when working with PDFs. When preparing for a presentation, it's advisable to have your content in PPT format due to its editable nature.

Moreover, if you find yourself without ready-made PPT files but already have them in PDF format, our software offers an easy solution - you can simply convert them seamlessly.

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