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How To Convert WORD to PDF Online for Free

Click on the 'Choose File' option and then proceed to select or drag and drop your Word document(s) into the tool.
You have the flexibility to easily include additional files by selecting or dragging and dropping them into the tool. Equally, if you need to eliminate any files from the list, you can simply remove them.
To start the conversion process, just click on the 'Convert to PDF' button. This will commence converting your chosen Word documents into PDF format.
Upon completion of the conversion process, click on the 'Download' button to initiate downloading your PDF file(s).

Our Features

Format Remains Intact
Preservation of the original formatting is ensured following conversion, including images, tables, and other graphics in your documents.

Easy Conversion
Convert your document from Word to PDF seamlessly: simply upload a text file from any device or drag and drop it, and the conversion process will commence instantly.

Privacy Protected
PDF Candy ensures the security of your data by adhering to its Privacy Policy, which stipulates that files are stored for only 1 hour after processing and then promptly removed from all servers.

User-friendly Service
Whether you're a novice or an experienced user, converting Word to PDF is simple and convenient using this website.

No Limit on the Number of Use
You are welcome to utilize this online tool for converting Word to PDF documents with no cost or usage restrictions.

25+ PDF Tools
Boost your efficiency with over 25 free editing features for various formats, conveniently available in one location.

Benefits of Using PDF Files

PDF is a widely used file format that is compatible with most popular viewing programs. It is commonly utilized for important documents, reports, and assignments. Here are some instances where a PDF file has clear advantages:

Printing: PDF prints high-quality content as seen on screen, making it suitable for printed materials such as documents and marketing collateral.

Online sharing: PDF easily preserves the format and layout of its contents during file transfer and is preferred for posting online content.

Confidentiality: The security features of PDF files combined with their small size when compressed make them ideal for moving or archiving sensitive information.

Forms and contracts: They maintain quality when printed and facilitate easy replication of data in the same type and format. Documents produced in large batches or requiring filling-in are typically kept in PDF format.

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