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How to Convert PDF to PNG Online for Free

You can either drag and drop the pdf file or select the pdf file manually using the ‘Choose File’ button.
Don't worry, you can add multiple pdf files at once so that you do not have to upload multiple times. You can also remove uploaded files by simply clicking the ‘Trash’ icon at the top of your document.
Once you have confirmed your PDF files to convert, simply select the ‘Convert to Word’ button to begin.
Wait for a few seconds while we convert your files and download the files once the process is completed.
Congratulations, you have successfully converted your PDF file(s) and can edit the document as you need.
Press the ‘Start Over’ button to convert more files.

Our Features

Break Neck Speed
Converting a PDF to Word is as easy as dragging and dropping a file. The conversion process will begin immediately after the file is uploaded.

Convert Online
You don't have to search online for instructions on converting PDF to Word on Mac, Windows, or any other operating system. With our user-friendly PDF converter, you can simply go online using any device and OS and convert your files directly in the browser.

Untouched Layout
When working with PDF files such as agreements, CVs, and portfolios, rest assured that the layout of the original text document remains intact after converting the PDF to Word.

Convert Large Files
When looking for ways to change a PDF into a Word document, you often find that many services limit file uploads to a maximum of 15 MB. With our PDF-to-Word converter, you can easily convert larger PDF files to Word at no cost.

Fully Featured
This versatile tool allows you to seamlessly add and remove multiple files, as well as convert numerous Word documents simultaneously with ease.

Security Guaranteed
Working with PDF To Word is not only secure but also ensures the permanent deletion of files after one hour.

Converting PDF Files to Word Documents

Editing a PDF file can be challenging due to its reputation for being hard to modify. While this may seem like a limitation, it is actually related to the high level of security that PDF files offer. Their lightweight nature and secure format make them an excellent choice for sharing and storing documents.

But, there may come a time in your workflow when the need arises to make alterations to the content of your PDF file. Conventional free PDF programs do not support editing, which can be frustrating. However, this is where Allpdfconverter proves its value.

Use Allpdfconverter to easily convert your hard-to-edit PDF files into Microsoft Word documents, then make the necessary changes, and if you want you can even change the new document back to PDF format. We ensure you don’t have to go anywhere else.

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