Unlock PDF

Unlock PDF

In order to remove the protection of locked PDFs, you need this tool.
Upload a password-protected file using the ‘Choose File’ button. Alternatively, you can also drag and drop the file.
If you upload a file that is not password-protected, an error message will be displayed.
Once a file is uploaded, you need to enter the password that was used to lock the file.
If an incorrect password is entered, a ‘Wrong Password’ message is displayed.
After entering the correct password, just press ‘Unlock PDF’.
Your document will be ready shortly. Download the file to get the file on your device.
Press the ‘Start Over’ button if you have more files that need unlocking.

Our Features

Unlock PDFs Instantly
Remove password protection from your PDF files instantly and avoid the inconvenience of not having access to important information.

Free To Use
Our services are free for all and you don’t need to create/register an account to use our features.

Data Protection
We do not store your passwords nor do we save your files. Our serves are wiped clean after 1 hour so your data will remain safe.

Ease of Access
As a cloud platform, you can use Allpdfconverter without having to install any other software. Access our tools anywhere and anytime. You just have to be online.

Simple Interface
Our PDF unlocker is straightforward to use. If you know the password, you can easily remove the protection from the file.

You can effortlessly access and utilize the Unlock PDF Tool through any web browser on the Internet, regardless of the operating system you are using.

Why Do We Need To Lock and Unlock PDF Files

Sometimes data on a PDF file can be sensitive and only meant for selected eyes. Locking PDF files comes especially handy when we need to move or send the file to a separate device. Locking files ensures security and privacy. 

But sometimes we need to remove the protection as locking the PDF files can sometimes result in the file being corrupted. Sometimes the locked file needs to be made accessible to others. Instead of sharing the password, you can just remove the security on the document. 

The primary disadvantage of locking files is that you need to remember the password. If you have multiple documents locked each with their own passwords then it becomes a real hassle to keep track of the passwords. In that case you can just store the PDF files in a ZIP file and lock the ZIP file instead. Allpdfconverter provides you with the tools necessary to convert PDF files into ZIP files. Why not give it a try?

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