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How to Convert Excel to PDF Online For Free

Start by clicking the 'Choose File' button - your Excel files will pop right up so you can select what you need. If you change your mind on a file, no problem, just remove it from the list.
And don't stress if you forgot something - this tool lets you add more files back in with zero fuss. Once your selections look good, hit that magical 'Convert to PDF' button.
Before you can make a coffee, your spreadsheets will have transformed! Numbers, formatting - everything will transfer over cleanly so your docs don't lose any important info.
When your PDFs are all done cooking, click 'Download' and you'll be viewing those documents however you like in no time. No mess, no stress, just simple editing done right.
This tool takes the pain out of porting Excel. Just click and your files seamlessly slip into sleek PDF style. Now your numbers can shine wherever you share them!

Our Features

Best Excel to PDF Converter
Convert your Microsoft Excel files to PDF with a simple and intuitive interface, allowing you to do so in just one click at no cost.

Convert Securely
Allpdfconverter ensures the complete security of both input and output files. Your data is never disclosed to third parties, and any created documents are kept for only an hour.

Multiple Formats Supported
With our converter, you can easily convert ODS, XLSX, and XLS files to PDF. Simply upload your worksheets in any of these formats, and we will quickly transform them into a PDF for you.

Cloud Conversion
You simply have to be online to change Excel files to PDF – no need for any software or apps. Our service is accessible on any device and browser, absolutely free of charge.

No Watermark
We do not alter the content in any way, thus we do not place watermarks on your files.

Extreme Speed
Our products are designed to enhance and improve your daily life. With our cloud servers, you can quickly receive the PDF document without enduring frustrating wait times.

Pros of Converting Files to PDF

PDF is a widely utilized file format that is compatible with most popular viewing programs. It is frequently employed for important paperwork, reports, and assignments. There are various scenarios where a PDF file offers distinct advantages: 

Contracts: They maintain quality when printed, facilitating easy replication of data in the same type and format. Documents produced in large batches or requiring completion are typically stored in PDF form.

Confidentiality: The security features and small compressed size make PDF files ideal for transferring or archiving sensitive information.

Online sharing: PDF preserves the format and layout of its contents during file transfer, making it the preferred choice for publishing online content.

Printing: PDF ensures high-quality output for printed materials such as documents and marketing collateral.

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