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How to Grayscale PDF Online For Free

To start, drop your PDF file or upload it from your device using the ‘Choose File’ button.
Add more files if you have more than one document that needs converting.
Click on the ‘Convert to Grayscale’ button to create a new PDF file in Grayscale.
To get the converted document simply Download your file after processing is completed.

Our Features

This tool can convert PDF files to grayscale much faster due to its strong processing capabilities.

You are welcome to use this online grayscale PDF tool for free, with unlimited usage to convert PDF files to grayscale.

This tool allows you to transform single or multiple colored PDF files into grayscale simultaneously

Security Guaranteed
Working with Grayscale PDF pages is completely safe. Documents are permanently removed after one hour.

User Friendly
This tool is suitable for all users, even those without advanced knowledge. Grayscaling PDF files is now a simple process with this tool.

Platform Independent
You can utilize the Grayscale PDF Tool on the web via any browser, regardless of your operating system.

What is Grayscale and Why

If you're not familiar with the concept of grayscale, it refers to an image that was originally in full color but is now represented using a range of grey shades from white to black. This technique is often used in monochrome displays.

There are several compelling reasons for converting your color PDF to grayscale.

Color images typically result in larger file sizes compared to black and white or grayscale images. By converting the PDF to grayscale, you can significantly reduce its size, which is especially beneficial if it contains numerous images.

Converting the PDF to grayscale not only makes it lighter but also conserves ink when printing.

Interestingly, switching printing parameters from color or black and white mode to grayscale on a printer equipped with color cartridges can also save your black ink cartridge. This is because various shades of grey utilize small amounts of colored ink instead of solely relying on black ink.

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