Protect PDF

How To Protect PDF Online For Free

Using the ‘Choose Files’ button, select the PDF file you want to password protect. You can also drag and drop files if that is easier for you.
On the next page, type in your password and confirm your password. Please make sure that you choose a password something you would remember.
Once the password and confirm password section is filled and matched, the button ‘Protect PDF’ will appear.
Click on the button and wait a few moments.
Download the protected PDF file. You can also delete the initial file if you want.
Press ‘Sart Over’ to lock more files.

Our Features

Reliable Password Protection
Prevent unauthorized people from accessing your documents through encrypted password protection.

No Data Retention
We don’t save your password and files are deleted permanently from our servers in one hour.

Secure Encryption
Some PDF passwords can be hacked but if you use Allpdfconverter, hackers can't access your data without actually knowing the password.

Password Strength For Another Layer of Security
Keep your passwords complex by including numbers, capital letters, and symbols.

Protection in the Cloud
You don’t need any software to encrypt your documents. All processes are done online.

Platform Friendly
Allpdfconverter is accessible on a Windows, MacOS, or Linux Machine and even mobile devices. Only a browser and an internet connection are required.

Keep Sensitive Data Confidential

Setting a password on PDF files is crucial for maintaining the confidentiality of sensitive information. It's common for users to seek methods of password-protecting PDF files without relying on Acrobat, especially if they aren't able to invest in a costly subscription but still need to safeguard their documents.

Using Allpdfconverter, you can password-protect your PDF files free of cost. Furthermore, there is no limit on the number of times you can use our services so feel free to lock all your documents.

Our password-protecting PDF tool is the best choice for anyone looking for a way to safeguard their documents with minimal effort. In addition, we offer additional instruments that make managing your files easier. Be sure try them all.

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