Repair PDF

How To Repair PDF Online For Free

Select the 'Choose File' button and then either upload the PDF file(s) or drag and drop them into the tool.
Depending on your requirements, you can also add or remove files.
After uploading the damaged PDF, initiate the repair process by clicking on the ‘Recover’ button.
Allow some time for the tool to analyze and resolve any issues in the file.
Finish by downloading the fixed PDF file.
Use the ‘Start Over’ button to return to the upload page if you need to repair additional files.

Our Features

Free to Use
Our PDF Converter is extremely simple to use and entirely secure. The greatest advantage is that it's free and functions smoothly on all current devices. Test it out today and experience it for yourself!

Do More
We offer a variety of tools to assist you in efficiently and easily completing any task with your PDF, not just repairing it.

Simple and Easy
To fix your PDF file, just upload the document and wait for our tool to start the repair process. After it's done, you can easily download the repaired document.

Works on All Devices
Anyone can effortlessly fix and transform PDF files with our intuitive and easy-to-use tools, requiring just a few simple clicks. Our tools are optimized for use on all contemporary devices for a seamless experience!

Server Cleansing
We prioritize the importance of your privacy. We aim to provide you with a safe and secure experience when using our service, that's why we remove all files one hour after the repair process is complete.

Fix Multiple Files at Once
This tool enables you to recover one or multiple corrupted PDF files simultaneously.

How Do PDF Files Get Corrupted?

PDF files may become damaged in various situations:

  • The most common cause of PDF file corruption is downloading or sharing the file during an interrupted internet connection.
  • System failures during uploading, creating, or saving a PDF can also lead to malfunctions.
  • Using incompatible programs to access the file may corrupt it as well.
  • Virus infections on your computer can affect the integrity of PDF files.
  • Hard disk drive failures are another potential cause of unreadable PDFs.
  • Transferring files between devices can sometimes result in damage to the PDF file.

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