Rotate PDF

Rotate PDF Pages

Upload the file you want to rotate using the ‘Choose File’ button. If you prefer to drag and drop files, then that’s also possible.
Select the page(s) you want to rotate.
Choose the direction of rotation by clocking the ‘Rotate Left’ or ‘Rotate Right’ button.
Using the built-in PDF viewer, you can preview how the finished product will look like.
Add more files or delete pages if needed.
Once you are satisfied with the result, click on ‘Save & Download’.
Your rotated PDF will be saved.

Our Features

Rotate PDFs Quickly
If there's a single sideways page or an entire document scanned in the wrong orientation, Rotate PDF can quickly solve the issue. You'll be finished in no time!

Secure Rotator
Ensuring the security of your files is our top priority. Uploaded PDF files are automatically deleted one hour after processing for added safety. Secure TLS encryption is employed to protect file processing.

Works on Any Device
Our online PDF editor lets you rotate a PDF document with just a stable internet connection. It works on any device and operating system, allowing you to use our website on the go in your preferred browser.

Preview Pages
Our in-built PDF viewer allows you to view how the finished product will look so that you don’t have to repeat the process if you make any mistakes.

Encrypted Rotation
Don't worry about sensitive information in your rotated PDFs, as all data remains private. Uploaded documents are secure and not shared with third parties according to our Privacy Policy.

Permanent Rotation
Once you use this tool to change the orientation of pages in your PDF and download the file, the changes will be permanent - unless you rotate them again using the PDF Rotator.

Why is PDF Rotator Useful?

PDFs have become ubiquitous in today's digital landscape. They are the go-to format for scanned documents and are widely used for sharing important information. 

The appeal of PDFs lies in their ease of storage, saving, and distribution, making them an invaluable tool in various professional settings. However, users can attest to the challenges that come with manipulating content from different sources within a PDF document - particularly when it comes to issues such as maintaining consistent page orientation after scanning or pasting external content.

Allpdfconverter will take care of such issues with our online rotator. No matter if one of the pages is scanned wrong or if the entire document is upside down, allpdfconverter will fix such problems in an instant.

Our tools not only have the ability to permanently rotate PDF files, but also offer features for converting, editing, compressing, and digitally signing your PDF files. Head on over to try them out.

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