How To Convert Text to PDF Online For Free

Click the 'Select File' button and choose or drag and drop your TXT files into the tool.
Please add additional files or remove any unnecessary ones as needed.
Start the conversion by clicking on the Convert to PDF' button.
Click on the 'Download' button to download the PDF file(s) and access valuable content.

Our Features

Reliable Service
When we convert a TXT file to a PDF, we ensure that the information is not shared with external websites or services. Additionally, we do not retain the data for more than 1 hour.

TXT to PDF on All Devices
You are welcome to utilize our text-to-PDF conversion tool on any operating system you prefer. Allpdfconverter offers a set of online tools that allow you to convert TXT files to PDF no matter where or when.

Fastest Converter
Converting TXT to PDF is quick and straightforward with this highly intuitive tool. Obtain your PDF output within seconds, all with just a single click.

Convert Online
Converting TXT to PDF requires only a reliable internet connection. There is no need for installation or registration, and the conversion process is truly swift.

Watermark Free
Our text-to-PDF conversion tool ensures that your document remains free of any watermarks or external alterations after the conversion process.

You can utilize this free online tool to convert TXT files to PDF with no restrictions on the frequency of use.

Why Using PDF Files Is Better?

PDFs are commonly used for important documents, reports, and assignments due to their compatibility with the most popular viewing programs. There are several advantages of using a PDF file format:

1. Printing: PDF files maintain high-quality content as seen on screen, making them suitable for printed materials such as documents and marketing collateral.

2. Online sharing: PDF preserves the format and layout of its contents during file transfer, making it preferred for posting online content.

3. Confidentiality: The security features of PDF files combined with their small size when compressed make them ideal for moving or archiving sensitive information.

4. Forms: They retain quality when printed and allow easy replication of data in the same type and format, making them suitable for documents produced in large batches or requiring filling-in.

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